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Thug Life Editor


Create your own thug life photo , similar to those funny thug videos with gangstar music and black glasses etc..This thug editor will make this task really easy for you. So you can make an easy thug life images for your friends in a few seconds!
thug life will allow you to upload and edit your favorite photos and put thug life stickers, later on you will be able to share this funny photos with your friends, family ..
please note that in this application only contain pictures / photos / images , we do not include videos edition
How to use:
Select an existing image or take a new one using your phone's camera.Then,chose your favourite thug life stickers to use in your image. There are gangstar glasses, cigarettes, thug life texts etc.. Use your two finger to edit or rotate or resize the sticker.
After editing the picture, save it to your phone.
You can share the image if you want.
| Features- new funny pictures every day, including thug life images- share the funny pictures (thug life editor pictures) to the main social networks, including whatsapp,facebook, line- save thug life images to SD Card or internal storage- discover more funny images application for edition in our suggestions in-app- Differences stickers
You can also edit with Deal With It moto or with Keep Calm And
Deal with it
Have fun creating a lot of crazy images with your friends and share them on your social network account.
Don't forget to rate our app if you like it and don't hesitate to contact us via email if you face any problem.
This application is related with snoop pictures, wonka as well. Also is directly related with mlg , we do recommend to take a look to mlg and 9gag to understand this better.
Burlaos ! use this application to feel like the burlaos , burlaos were a group of thug lifers originally from Spain, this group pretended to be really thug so this application is a perfect representation of the Burlaos. We have discover burlaos because a famous people like rubius or auronplay , Mr Rubius is also a clear example on how to use thug life , check out his videos to have a better understanding. Elrubius is the most famous youtuber with more than 15 milions subscribers